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Monday, 31 August 2020


" Is rest in your schedule at all? Stop cheating your body"

Lumenar Blog Team

The hustling spirit in us sometimes makes us forget the need and importance of rest. This is because we engage ourselves in unnecessary competitions that are toxic to our mental health. Consequently, we push our body systems beyond it's limits. 

The life expectancy rate in Nigeria has been pegged at 54.81 years as reported by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS). The foregoing is quite low and goes to show that the living conditions in Nigeria is constantly depreciating. 

Our healthcare system is still inadequately equipped to cater for the healthcare needs of Nigerians. It is also worthy to note that the Nation is yet to have a holistic welfare program for vulnerable, disabled and internally displaced persons in Nigeria.

Furthermore, in a bid to put bread on the table, most breadwinners neglect their health as well as the overt symptoms their body gives them. Thus, we witness the untimely death of most of these breadwinners thereby plunging their beneficiaries into the same cycle of life struggles if not worse.

Irrespective of the above, we can help ourselves by taking time off to rest. The human body is a system and so requires enough time to rest from the daily struggles.

So how do you rest?
a. Take time away
You can rest by taking time away from current circumstances and environment. You can change by taking a walk or a stroll; going on long or short vacations. Spend time away from your regular schedule. It's one way to refresh the body and the mind.

b. Have a "lazy" day
At least once in every two weeks; have a lazy day. Sleep throughout the day. Let the chores be. After all, the chores are endless. Watch movies, leave your hair scattered. Give yourself the permission  not to be helpful and productive and stay away from anything stressful. Take a break from the responsibilities and duties. You will be amazed at the results you would get.

c. Solititude
"Me time"; "Alone time". You need it! Remember, you are supposed to be resting. This means that there is no room for over-thinking. Your "me-time" is for you to "relass", listen to good music, take care of your skin, treat your self to a nice spa and body massage session. It's time for you to listen to nice sermons and feed your soul.  

d. Visit to your Safe Place
I hope you have a safe place. A place where you run to for succour; peace and rest. For some, their safe place is where they call home. For others, it is the church, the Blessed Sacrament. For many others, it is nature, the beach, the flowers, the scenery. Safe place can also be found in Arts and artpieces. Find out your safe place and explore it.

It is a necessary necessity that you take time off to rest. It has a rejuvenating effect on the skin, body systems, mental health and emotional health.

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