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Thursday, 13 August 2020


"Did he notice your green light? Don't get tired."

Lumenar Blog Team

-photo by panda gossips

Some girls prefer to shoot their shots directly while the other girls simply switch on their green lights. "Green light" means that I am available and ready to mingle. The green light girls are very good with hiding their emotions and feelings. Of course, they believe that if you like them, you should pursue them. However, they can help you out by shining their green lights brightly.

What are the types of "Green Lights" that girls give?

a. They hover around you
You will notice the girl trying to strike up a conversation with you, offering to help and assist you with some stuffs or trying to make you comfortable especially if you are new to the place. It moves from them just being nice to you to frequent check-ups, greetings and hanging out around you.

b. They dress to "kill" you in particular
Lool. Yeah, small invitation to hangout like this....ghen ghen, man you are in trouble. They dress up so nicely beyong their everyday look because you must notice her! In fact, they turn up later than the schedule time. This is to make way for the grand entrance.

c. She laughs at your jokes
Whether your jokes are dry or not, you will hear her laughing at them. She takes your side on any issue and defends your position. The way she speaks with you feels different and her replies to your messages  as vibe because she will try to liven the mood too. If you are observant, you will notice the soft green light blinking.

d. She tries to be at every location you find yourself
When you are the target, the detective spirit in her is activated. You will be surprised at how much she knows about you even without having a one-on-one discussion with you because you are her case-study. If you are going to the library, she is at your back. She sits somewhere not to close but not to far. If you're embarking on any  project- community, social or otherwise, she must be amongst the team members directly or indirectly. It is at the extreme when she begins to stalk you and this can be very irritating. Nevertheless, some of the meetings you classify as coincidence might have been carefully planned out by her.

e. She follows you on every of your scocial media handles
Where she is subtle with the green light, she will follow your closest acquittance on social media for more update on you i.e. the hot guy. However, if she is aggressive, a DM followed by frequent comments and likes on your posts. Who knows she might have a hidden album of your photos for secret admirations.

f. Thoughtful gifts
Some girls adopt the gift language. They get you gifts that are somewhat memorable, something that cannot easily be forgotten. Usually, it's something you might really need. For instance, a new music male student might need a new music score or a photocopy of past notes. 

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