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Saturday, 6 June 2020


by Chinecherem Ubaka

As a lady, you attract many admirers. Some of them will claim to love you while some will actually show you love. Most times your heart knows who "the one" is amongst many of them. Nevertheless, we open our mind to doubts and allow our friends confuse us. 

Take him to your parents if; 

a. He listens to you: When I say listen, I mean active listening. This means that he takes note of most if not all of what you say. For instance, when he makes reference to a previous conversation between the both of you and you can't even remember that you mentioned it to him. It shows that he actually listens to you. 

b. He is your best friend: I really don't get it when a girl says "John is my boyfriend however James is my best friend". If you are in this position, your relationship cannot work. Relationship in the first place is good and sweet friendship with perks of romance and commitment. Therefore, the guy you are seeing must be your best friend.

c. He is matured and responsible: A guy who is responsible and matured is one who can own up to his actions. He is one you can actually lean on as well as look up to him. He talks about issues as opposed to ignoring you or pushing them under the carpet. A matured and responsible guy has a steady source of income and is not overwhelmed with an unpalatable event.

d. He has submitted himself to God: There is nothing like having a guy who worships God in spirit and in truth beside you. He will be guided by the Holy Spirit in whatever decision he is going to make with you. He gives you a sense of security, trust and you won't have to worry about anything. Be sure that he is a true worshipper before taking him to your parents.

e. He loves you: Love is a verb. I am sure you have heard this several times. His love confession should be seen in his actions. You can see and feel that he respects you, supports your dreams and helps you grow in all ramifications. If he loves you, he will respect your values and help you keep them. Any guy that makes you go against your values and moral codes so as to prove your love to him does not love you. 

f. He is compatible with you:  If he is spiritually , medically and  professionally compatible with you, take him to your parents. You wouldn't want to be with someone who has the goal of becoming the best football player in England and you want to be the President of Nigeria. It can't work especially if you are not interested in football. Make sure your likes are compatible or that you are ready to compromise.