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Friday, 26 June 2020


By Chinecherem Ubaka

Many boys and girls; men and women have had their fair share of body shaming. The act of body shaming basically makes you feel incomplete and unwanted due to the peculiarity of your body size, stature, colour and posture.

How Do You Deal with Bodyshamers?
For those who have undergone this terrible experience, I apologise on behalf of the bodyshamers. They were ignorant. I am certain you must have had a low self-esteem, you must have cried a lot, you must have withdrawn into hiding, you must have cursed yourself and your body. 

I am telling you today to stop. 

Let me share with you two stories. In East Africa, in a country called Uganda, there is a woman. She got married and had about four kids. However, she put on weight as a result of the hormonal and physical changes that her body passed through. Her husband thrashed her because of her body and in the end left the marriage because she no longer looked good. Expectedly, this woman became downcast. She was so sad especially as the body-shaming came from the bone of her bone and the flesh of her flesh. You know what? Her turning point came by and she grabbed the opportunity. She decided to contest for Miss Curvy, Uganda. She decided to put on a pair of trousers after ten(10) years and she said that 'she felt good'. She didn't wallow in her emotional pain. This woman became  the 2nd Runner Up, Miss Curvy Uganda.  You know what she said to us on the day she was crowned, 
"Do not listen to the bodyshamers". This woman is Mariam Namukasa.

                -Photo by matooke republic

Let's go fictional. You remember our favorite series "Game of Thrones(GOT)". You remember Lady Brienne of Tarth?  She experienced body shaming of all sorts. Notable amongst them was when her father wanted to match her with a suitable partner. She was insulted and made a joke by her father's guests in her father's house. She cried and tried to run away. However, Lord Renly held her, danced with her and told her " don't let them see your tears; the nasty little shits ain't worth crying over".
    -photo by game of

Let's not forget Lord Tyrion, the dwarf...he Rose above his physical peculiarity to being a very smart and intelligent politician; 
                       -photo by IMDb

Samwell Tarly too...called fat, weak several times. He had to shed the limiting attributes and rose up to be one of the finest commanders of the Night Watch.

So you see? 
1. You need to quit being hysterical about the peculiarities of your body. 
2. Stop listening to them! 
3.Be yourself. 
4. Know that it's not your fault; accept your body.
5.Whenever someone bodyshames you, shun the person immediately. Let the person know that you love yourself and your body.
6. Love yourself and love your body.

All body times are beautiful and might be of great advantage to you. 

To the body shamers, stop making people a joke. You have no power to create a human being. The least you can do is to be quiet about a person's physical trait. Nobody in this world has the perfect figure. Whether you do it consciously or consciously; stop it. You are killing people emotionally. Let's respect each other's differences and everyone will be happy.