By Chinecherem Ubaka

Whenever, you hear the phrase  "learn to be comfortable in your skin" what exactly does this mean?
1. Lovelies, it means accepting the things you can't change about yourself especially your physique and being willing to improve on your inner well-being.

2. It means accepting your dark skin colour and make it pop without bleaching. It means accepting your light skin colour and glowing in it. It means accepting your chocolate and Milo skin colour without grudges. It means shunning any act of body-shaming and declaring to yourself that you do not need anyone's validation.

3. It means adopting the self care routines that suits you without being a copy cat. It means acknowledging the fact that you are you and not anyone else. It means that you do not try to fit into someone else's ideal of "beautiful", "smart", "lovely", "handsome", "cute".

4. It means recognizing your abilities and making efforts to groom them. It means recognizing your flaws and making conscious efforts to improve without being mentally lazy and giving excuses.

5. It means recognizing that it's fine if you don't want to "work out" even though you should. It means respecting your personal preference, beliefs and convictions as well as that of others. It means that you have a mind of your own.

6.It means that you are confident in yourself. You believe in your abilities and trust that you can smash your goals.

7. It means to be yourself.


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