We missed our work clothes, meeting joints as well as our various businesses. Thankfully, the lock-down measures is about to be eased. Nevetheless, the plain truth is that the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet, therefore, we are still prone to infection. Below are some of the steps we can take to avoid infection.

Buy Your Face Mask from a standard pharmacy: This is very important especially with regards to the peculiarity of the Nigerian market. Some individuals like to test run everything thing before settling down with a choice. In the same manner, an individual might test about ten face masks before he makes his choice. If such an individual has been infected with the virus, such a person has spread the virus by so doing.

Gloves and Sanitizers are necessary. There are places you touch unconsciously which might have been infected. It's more effective when we have as many as possible. Sanitizers are most feasible. It's best to ensure that your sanitizer is actually a sanitizer or you opt for metylated spirit.

Avoid physical contact.
This is difficult especially in Lagos and you  are operating via public transport. However, you need to be on an intentional guard. 

Eating from public places is not advisable. As much as possible, try to cook and eat your food. Let the street foods be for now if you can.

Infact, as long as we are outdoors, there is a possibility of contacting the Corona virus. Let us try as much as possible to be safety conscious, stay safe and let the Heavens do the rest.

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