Do you take time off to reflect?
Do you take time off to recollect?
Do you take time off to retreat?

This world is so full of struggles and competitions such that we are compelled to always be on the move and take actions. Else, it would seem as though we are wasting time. Some of us just glide through life, taking life as it comes without any plan or preparedness. As Christains, our Lord Jesus Christ has taught us to retreat and pray. One of such instance is recorded in Mathew 26:31-41. Specifically, he admonished us to keep watch and pray so that we may not fall into temptation. 

One of the ways in which we keep watch, is through personal recollection. Personal recollection is a spiritual exercise which can be done daily, weekly or monthly. It is time set apart for sober reflection. When we engage in personal recollection, we give ourselves the opportunity to reconcile with God and fellow human, to renew our hope, faith and trust in God, to fortify our soul with the spiritual food and strength needed to survive and succeed on earth, to count our blessings and appreciate God for all that he has done for us, to right our wrongs, make life-changing decisions and experience God's presence and peace.

How do we engage in effective personal recollection?
1. By observing silent moments: When we do this, our senses are open to listen to the voice of God and nature. Who knows, you might find answers to questions troubling your soul. 
2. By reading spiritual and edifying books: Just as we feed our bodies for nourishment and strength, we also need to feed our mind and soul spiritually. When we read spiritual books we open our minds and learn about God our Father as well as the Christian faith in it's entirety.
3. By praying: Prayer is the medium through which we commune with God. Sometimes, we may feel too down to open our mouths to pray. We can pray through songs, tears... whichever mode, God is listening. For the Catholics, the Rosary is a powerful prayer.
4. By sharing God's word: There is power in fellowship. When you reflect on God's word with your friends and folks, you have the opportunity of sharing your testimony and listening to other people's testimony. Who knows your testimony might be someone else's turning point and vice-versa.
5. By listening to and singing soul-lifting songs: Songs that lift you into the realm of God like hymns, praise and worship songs are encouraged.

The next time you fill your daily, weekly or monthly planner, please make room for personal recollection.



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