The eyes are an essential part of the body. They are like a window. You can reach the heart, spirit and soul through the eyes. Sometimes, the eyes gets weak and might be a symptom of a serious body illness. Today, everything is online and virtual and you cannot afford to be left out. To participate properly, you obviously need gadgets like iPads, phones, laptops, desktops,etc. This means that our eyes are in a greater risk. One of the effects of our increased screen time is eye strain. Hence, we need to adhere to healthy measures in order to care for our eyes.

Eat Well
When I say eat well, I mean eating appropriately as opposed to just filling the stomach. Eat balanced diet and ensure that you are enrinched with all the kids of vitamins and multi-vitamins.

Take a Break
This shouldn't be over- emphasized. Take a break from the gadgets and screens! including your televisions. Feed the eyes with natural views e.g gardens, beach, family members, books, etc. When you expose your eyes to the screens for a long time, you strain the eyes. The effect that you might come down with severe headaches and eye aches.

Sleep well
You need to sleep healthily. Sleep is the best way to rest the eyes. 

Consult your optician
If you get frequent eye aches, it is advisable to visit your optician before it gets severe. The principle of early detection is very much appreciated to the eye.

Wear your Glasses
Where glasses have been prescribed to you, wear them. They are not for fancy. Wear them especially when it's your screen time.Also, if you just derive joy in wearing glasses that are not recommended or using eye drops that were not prescribed, please stop. 


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