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Saturday, 23 May 2020


"I have gotten to my breaking point; I need help"

By Chinecherem Ubaka

I used to be a bubbling young lady. People around me have the perception that my life is perfect. I know my life is a piece of shit, a very messed up one. My emotions run deep inside me. To stop myself from bursting out I use "Coke".

Coke gives me a safe landing as well as the morale to do the shitty things I do.  Now, my gengs are scattered, ms. Corona snatched two of my best buddies from me. I am scared and alone. My Coke is tearing me up and my head is twirling around. 

Does the word  future still exists? I do not see a reason to keep pushing. Help! I think am falling apart. I think am dying.

The real deal today
Many young individuals are going through tumoils, anxiety disorders. Some have become paranoid. Some are getting depressed. We are gradually loosing some of them. 

Reach out to people around you. Some people just need someone to talk to. Someone to give them a reassuring smile. Someone to hug them without any strings attached. You might be all they have got. 

The pandemic has brought to fore the mental health challenges people are going through. Some individuals who cover up their pain from domestic violence, childlessness, unattentive spouses, rebellious kids, etc, with their jobs feel trapped. They have lost their coping strategies. 

Ditch the toxicity in you. Please, we need you to be supportive to every person out there. Spread love and positivity. As we take measures to stay safe, let's help one another stay sane.

I know that it is difficult to share and open up. Please, if you know that you need help, GET HELP.

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  1. Love is what we need this period and not people trying to make you look bad at all times through their gossips

  2. Love and light, Neche Girl. We'd all come out of this stronger. Thanks for sharing.