By Chinecherem Ubaka

Many people are used to ascribing their misfortunes and demonic attacks to the "Village People" irrespective of whether or not they are innocent. Some even refuse to travel back to their villages. 

How do you protect yourself from Village People?
1. Don't believe in them: There is something about belief, what you believe in has a way of affecting your lifestyle, thoughts and actions. Well, if your hands are clean, no weapon fashioned against you will ever prosper. This means that whatever misfortune you pass through,you take responsibility for the mistakes that led to them and correct them.
2. Be careful about broadcasting your goals: Keep your goals to yourself and silently work towards them. Some people are just naturally jealous! and will not hesitate to be a stumbling block. Some can can come in form of bodyshamers so as to make you loose confidence and self-esteem. Take charge of the security of your personal data and information.
3. Don't show-off unnecessarily:  Keep personal things personal especially for security sake. For instance, I don't see any reason why you give us updates on your whereabouts on social media, you are endangering yourself. Now, don't get me wrong...there are times you need to inform people about certain things to get information and for security as well. Showing off means you are being too extra. Imagine attending a friend's wedding in your wedding gown? Let's try to be modest please.
4. Be Prayerful: This cannot be over-emphasized. You need to be prayerful. Spiritual attacks should be battled by praying until something happens as well as living a life in the Spirit.
5. Be Proactive: There are some people you know that have no good intentions generally, avoid them! Don't do things that are hurtful to people. Some people take care of people who hurt them via the orthodox manner because that is what they believe in.  Be careful of foods you eat, wines you drink and places you go to. Be careful of the people you call friends. Some of them are green snakes. In all, pray for wisdom and act accordingly.

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  1. Attending your friends wedding in your wedding gown ....that got me...
    Some people have made social media their safe zone because that is the only friends they have .

    1. It is interesting to learn that social media is a safe zone for some people. Thank you!

  2. A really needed exposé, I must say. In addition, we should all master the art of selling the direct opposite of who and what we represent.This helps in creating the much needed diversion away from us.Take for instance, an accomplished Civil engineer presenting a street-like Facebook profile pix. No attention would be paid to him based on that diversion.
    God bless you, Lumenar for this expository platform.

    1. Hmmmmm ...I get you but the "street-like Facebook pix might backfire. You don't think so?"
      Amen!....Thank you Austin

  3. "Attending a friend's wedding on ur wedding gown". U really nailed it. Many people are ignorant of this, forgotten that some persons are there in their life to monitor their progress especially so called friends...."sadist"

  4. I really love this speech, l think is high time we take our problems on our shoulders and stop accusing people. Just do like no one is behind you and look forward seeing only your maker and they will struggle and become tired of you for nothing.

    1. Yes! I love this vibe from you Constance. Thank you for sharing.


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