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Why exactly are you a believer?
Why are you a Christian?
Why do you worship and praise God?

Many of us worship God for the wrong reasons.  We do business and negotiate with God on the what He should do for us because we are worshipping Him. Some go to Church because they are looking for life partners, power, wealth, fruits of the womb, prosperity, admission, job amongst others. It is even wrong to worship God because you want to go to heaven. Heaven and eternal life is the reward God grants to true worshippers.

The next thing we do is to compare. We say things like "God, why don't I have children, I have worshipped you all my life. Even Kuchi, the wayward girl has a child, God when?" ; " God I read well, I studied hard and I prayed to you, why are my grades not excellent?. My friends that are not even Christains are doing better than me". Consequently, we loose hope in God and begin to step into wrong places looking for a solution.

Please let's stop. God blesses all and sundry. He causes the rain to fall on all and the sun to shine on all. He died for all and give mankind salvation and redemption. He didn't do the forgoing for any particular race, tribe or person. The funny thing is that He does not force Himself on anyone. Even if we decide not to worship Him, He would raise up stones to praise and worship Him. Therefore, You worship Him because you have decided to worship Him. 

This means that we should worship God for being God. We should worship him in appreciation for what He has done for us and not for what He would do for us. We should worship because he loves us more than we can ever imagine. 

When we worship God for the right reasons, every other thing will be added unto us. He will bless us with everything we need because He is all-sufficient. When we praise and worship him in faith and in truth without any expectation and nagging, He will surprise us. 

Have you ever noticed that most of the things you seek come to you when you have stopped worrying yourself and almost forgotten about them? God is a faithful God. He never fails. Let us try to be true worshippers of God.


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