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Sunday, 19 April 2020


Covid-19 came like a bomb, rocked the world and sentenced to us to weeks of being indoors. Nevertheless, I am certain most of us would have learnt a lot. Some of them include;

1.  Our Families Remain our Most Reliable Source of Succour in Difficult Times: whether you are a Slay Queen, Boss man, Career woman, Miss independent or whatever, in times of trouble we run to our families. Thus,  it is very important that each family strives to build a safe haven for it's members. A place where you find peace and tranquil. Hence, family men and women, intending couples please build a sweet home with an atmosphere of love.

2. The Society can come to a Standstill:
 Remember Noah and the Ark story in the Holy Bible? The difference is that then it was water and now its Corona Virus (Covid_19). However, I am not insinuating that the virus was sent by God to destroy the earth. The similarity I seek to draw is the fact that humans and animals were indoors whilst the rain "cleansed the world". Today, we are indoors because we do not want to contact the Corona virus. Careers, money, goals, plans, studies, businesses, fellowships are on hold. What we have left are our lives, families, and loved ones. I guess now we should have highlighted our priorities.

3. The Virtual World is Real
This is the era of social distancing. The social media have experienced an overwhelming number of users. The screen time of many individuals have increased exponentially. People are bored, friends still have to keep in touch, companies have their executive meetings online now and some workers work from home. In fact, it appears that the media and telecommunication sectors are in the boom period.  We are looking forward to more flexible working hours, a massive internet revolution now and at the end of the lock-down season.

4. Our Health is Indeed Our Wealth
For those of us who have adhered to the lock-down measures, you will notice that your skin is glowing, you are at peace and you have probably added weight due to excessive sleep. You are no longer under pressure and there is no hellish traffic to irritate you. How do you feel generally? Some of us who have medical conditions like arthritis, diabetes, hypertension..etc. will realize that our health has improved a lot! Covid-19 has taught the world that it is under extreme self-imposed stress. We need to create time for rest so that we can preserve our health and make more money for ourselves and family members.

5. Our Health Facilities Need A Severe Overhaul
The Nigerian health system has been exposed. Sadly, it is nothing to discuss about. Nevertheless, we doff our caps to out Frontline Healthcare workers and we are grateful for well-meaning private donations as well as the Nigerian government for putting in place measures to safeguard the health and lives of the people.  We look forward to an improved healthcare system in Nigeria and other climes as well as jumbo welfare packages for our Healthcare personnel.

6. Our Governance System needs to Revamped.
Using the distribution of palliatives in Nigeria as a case study, the federalism we aim to have adopted is a mirage. The gross neglect of local government and grassroot  administration has led to death of some Nigerian citizens  simply because they went out to receive the N5000 stipend. Thus, the Nigerian government definitely needs to go back to the drawing board so as to develop a working model for local government administration. Furthermore, data is invaluable in making decisions. We need accurate data and information system for every Nigerian citizens.

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