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Wednesday, 22 April 2020


Certainly, not everybody is used to being forced to stay at a place. The lock-down has affected individuals economically, socially, spiritually, psychologically mentally and in many other ways that we might not be able to account for. For some, the fact that they are have been receiving debit alerts on a steady is depressing and for some just being indoors is saddening.

So how is your mental health?
Individuals have taken to social media for comfort. Thankfully, we have had several social media gigs that have helped in add value to the lock-down season. Some of them include, "Tik-Tok challenge", "Book Challenge", "Webinars", "Online Courses" etc. However, this same social media have become a platform for individuals to deftly turn their boredom experience into suicidal ideations for themselves and/or other users. The foregoing problem is prevalent on Twitter. This is really not nice. The lock-down measures is for us to curb the spread of the Corona virus and not for spreading depressing posts and ideas thereby igniting suicidal thoughts in others.

Nevertheless, as an individual you are in charge of what you let into your mind and what you allow to influence you. Do whatever it is that will help you scale through this difficult period. Find your own formula. Please, take charge of your mental health and learn to see positivities even in negativity.

Until we meet again post Covid-19, stay safe, stay sane and survive!

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