There are so many instances where a person loves someone but somehow, somewhere, the love became the cause of their distance forever. This is referred to as  "Unattainable Love" i.e. love that should not happen due to circumstances beyond your control, you cannot be together. This type of love is heartbreaking but it can be dealt with. One major effect of Unattainable Love is that the parties involved become severely depressed after discovering that their love for each other cannot materialize.

For Instance, Tanimola and Tamilore are lovebirds. Everyone knows and naturally is eagerly waiting for their bling moment. However, even as they have sincerely professed love to one another, there is a big barrier between them. Their genotype is the problem. Tanimola is a sickler even though she looks very healthy while Tamilore’s genotype is AS. Public opinion, medical opinion, spiritual opinion and parental opinion are against them. Even as they claim to love  themselves, their love seems unattainable.

How Do We Deal with Unattainable love?

Farewell Ceremony
The best way to deal with this kind of love is to bid each other farewell in a ceremonial manner. Maybe at the venue where you guys met for the first time or a place the both of you consider very important in the course of writing your love story. This includes destroying every memorable moment you guys shared together. The farewell ceremony is the beginning of the healing process. It is not your fault that your love couldn’t be reached. Let it go.

Get Busy
Once that is done, choose to do something that you love doing to keep yourself busy. Find a new reason to live again. Begin afresh. It won’t be easy because it is the mind we are talking about here but a conscious effort will be a step in the right direction.

Draw Nearer to God
God has already told us to come to him with our heavy hearts and He would give us rest. Don’t let unbelief restrain you from enjoying this free gift of inner peace. Just come, that is all that Christ requires of you.


  1. Nice write-up. Because love is a process which comes to be as a result of the marriage of so many channels such as communication, understanding, feelings,trust,etc, it is vital to make findings about these things at the communication stage. That way, one would be safe from the hurt that may arise if one were to proceed to other stages and fall in love..

    1. Thank you Emily Austin. Yes it is vital to ensure open and effective communication at every stage of a relationship.

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