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Sunday, 26 April 2020


Our hearts, mind and soul are in a delicate position now. Please, we can't stand fake news in this delicate state of ours. 
It is not nice when individuals churn out unverified informations from the comfort of their homes.

Recently, someone capitalized on Mercy Johnson-Okojie's  pregnancy to spread false delivery report. This is not nice at all.

(A). It is Misleading: People act on the information they hear. Imagine delivering a good news to a despairing populace only for them to turn around and realise that they have been rejoicing over a lie. The pain of such realisation is sharp and has the ability cause a deep pain. 

(B). It Has the Ability To Incite Violence: Depending on the nature of the news, It has the ability to incite violence on the Recievers especially when they discover the false nature of the news. It would require a great deal of self-control to let the harbinger of such fake news go scot free.

(C). It Has the Ability To Unsettle The Victim of the Fake News: For instance, Mercy Johnson-Okojie, the subject of today's fake news is in a condition where she doesn't need any kind of stress. This fake news has the ability unsettle and cause avoidable complications. 

(D). Has the Ability To Instill Fear in the People.
During this Corona virus pandemic, some people derive joy in spreading fake news especially on social media platforms generally and on whatsapp particularly. Consequently, most people are afraid and some become paranoid. This is a time where we have to rekindle our hope as opposed to giving fear a chance to control us.

In the light of the forgoing, let us all try to ensure that we spread verified informations. Furthermore, that we ensure that our source of information is legit. For coronoa virus updates, it is advisable that we stick to updates from the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

Even though there is no specific legal instrument that prohibits fake news on social media in Nigeria, a person who spreads fake news may still be liable under civil law for libel and/or slander.

Let us be guided please.

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