Access to education currently is gravely threatened. Schools have been shut as a result of the current Covid-19 pandemic and learning a bit staunted. For children in the rural areas of most of African states, they are now in the dark. This is because the virtual learning platforms launched by some schools can only be accessed by the " Haves "  of the society who have the enabling environment to tap into the various online platforms.  Hence, there is a serious need for investments in the education of the African Child.

The African Continent is constantly growing.  However, the Continent also harbours the largest number of "out of school" children. The foregoing is most prominent in the Central and West Africa according to BBC News. As at 2017, UNICEF reported Nigeria as the country with the largest number of "out of school" children and sadly, this is still the position today. In Africa, there are places where schools do not exist  and in places where we have schools, they are grossly inadequate due to lack of appropriate infrastructures, quality teachers and adequate learning environment. Furthermore, there is also lack of quality education especially in Government- owned schools.


We Empower the Continent.
In the Holy Scriptures, our heavenly Father lamented thus " My people suffer out of Ignorance". It is very important to invest in education  in Africa so as to ensure that Africans are empowered and that poverty in the continent is reduces. When Africans are properly educated and enlightened, the Continent is empowered. The basic mistakes associated with illiteracy will be reduced to the bearest minimum e.g. jungle justice, child marriage, mundane cultural practices like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), unhealthy widowhood practices etc.

We Encourage Inventive Activities
Africans are ingenuous because they are blessed with the survival spirit and instinct. If education in Africa enjoys large funds and investments, inventions will increase in the continent. We have so many bright minds who seek substantial financial support so as to provide solutions to certain societal problems.  It is certain that if we invest in the African education system, inventive activities in the continent will increase. This will transform the continent to a producing one as opposed to simply being a consuming nation.

We Breed Intelligent Leaders
Africa is suffering from terrible leadership. This is a major setback for the growth of the continent. Where you have bad leaders, there is a grave systemic failure. The masses bear the brunt of the systemic failure. At the long run, you discover that most Africans are frustrated and depressed because nothing is working. It is very important to invest in education in Africa to raise good leaders and good followers so as to ensure that the Continent progressively develops.

We Curb Epidemics
Knowledge is light. This is another reason why it is important to invest in education in Africa. Epidemics and pandemics spread like wildfires and they have the tendency to wipe out the African population massively. As a continent, human resource is a great factor in ensuring the growth of the continent. We would avoid the loss of this invaluable resource when we invest in education and also teach the masses on basic community health practices.

The African education system is in dire need of funding especially with the emerging trend of remote education. The poor infrastructures are demoralizing and are leaving our children backward and unexposed.


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